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Can you relate to these statements...??

  • My child has unique needs, but I KNOW they can learn.

  • Attending IEP meetings is my least favorite part of the school year.

  • I wish there was a manual for IEPs, I don't even know where to start.

Course curriculum

    1. Part 1 VIDEO Welcome!

    2. Online Course Welcome Page

    3. P1 - IEP Basics, Starting Off Right

    1. P1 L1 - IEP Foundations and IDEA

    2. Part 1.Lesson 1 VIDEO IEP History and the Current Status of Special Education

    1. P1 L2 - IEP Versus the Section 504 Plan

    2. Part 1.Lesson 2 VIDEO IEP versus 504 Plan

    1. P1 L3 - Avoiding Parent Pitfalls in the IEP Process

    2. Part 1.Lesson 3 VIDEO Avoiding Parent Pitfalls

    1. P1 L4 - Parents Rights 101

    2. Part 1.Lesson 4 VIDEO Parents Rights 101

    1. P1 L5 - Understanding the IEP Evaluation Process

    2. Part 1.Lesson 5 IEP Evaluations

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Your Autism & IEP Expert...

Crystal Sanford, M.Ed., M.A. CCC-SLP, ASDCS

Speech Pathologist/IEP Advocate/Parent

Crystal supports the autism community as a special education advocate, speech pathologist, and parent educator through her company, The Sanford Autism Advocacy Group, LLC, www.sdautismhelp.com.

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